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Aerospace is perhaps not an area you would find on a wood bending site. Never-the-less, Pure Timber works in this industry in the following categories...

Aircraft Interiors: Similar to our work in the marine industry, Pure Timbe manufactures custom component parts for aircraft interiors. Three dimensional curves, often found in high end aircraft interiors, are ideal areas for our Extreme Woodbending products.

Aircraft Parts: Flying your aircrat with the feel of solid wood in your hands - your steering wheel Extreme Bent from solid hardwood.

Heritage Aircraft: Pure Timber supplies solid flexible hardwood that can be bent to extreme radii. For heritage restorations, Pure Timber offers a new approach to building, or re-building, bent wood frames.



1937 Waco sterring wheels / yoke made from Pure Timber's Cold-Bend Hard Maple, by Bill Wold, Desert Rat Aviation.


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