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Renovo Sports by Pure Timber

Pure Timber LLC builds high end functional art sports gear using their proprietary extreme wood bending process. This includes modern wood tennis rackets in modern geometry, super bikes with hollow wood frames, modern downhill racing skis, and rowing shells with diamond woven ribs, all from their proprietary Extreme Bendable engineered hardwoods. They are marketed under the brand name Renovo Sports.

Renovo Sports began when Renovo Hardwood Bikes was purchased in its entirety in 2018 and moved to Gig Harbor from Portland. Since then, we have added other modern sports products that are built using bent wood. This page features our Renovo Bikes.

As an architect, designer or maker, you can design your own bike frame, or have us co-brand one with you. Use our frame geometry and modify it to suit your creative needs. These bikes can be used in your special projects and in your marketing. For architectural wood projects that you select Pure Timber to fabricate, we can also build a commemorative bike frame in the same wood species for you to use for display, branding, or of course as your own personal super bike.

If you are looking for information on our DIY bicycle frames, please look here... Build Your Own Bike

If you are looking for information on our modern wood tennis rackets, please look here... Renovo Racket Sports

The following links will take you to our Renovo Sports equipment pages. Contact christo@renovo.bike (1-253-988-2046) with questions or to place an order.


 Renovo by Pure Timber

Gravel / Off Road / Adventure

 Renovo by Pure Timber

Racket Sports

 Renovo by Pure Timber



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