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Snare Drum Shells

Pure Timber manufactures the thickest solid wood drum shells in the world. We are the solid wood bender for Drum Workshop, and make the Super Solid™ and Super Solid Edge™ shells exclusively for DW. We also offer shells to other builders under our PURE TIMBRE™ brand name, and fabricate custom shells (made to specs not similar to DWs).

Our process is similar to steam bent shells, but we use hydraulic compression to be able to bend thicker solid shells than steam benders can. If a thicker solid shell would benefit you, we have the thickest single ply shells in the world.

You can order shells directly from this page. Please email for other shell configurations. We do not offer boring of the shell. Cutting your snare bed is +$30. Shipping cost below is for US48. Other shipping rates will be higher. These are custom shells that take 4-6 weeks to produce. All of them are sized for 5" and 5.5" heights. We can go taller. 6" is +$50, 7" is + $100 and 8" is +$200. 

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