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Often our technique for Extreme Wood Bending(TM) is discovered after the design process and during the bidding process, too late to take full advantage of our innovative techniques. Involving Pure Timber in the design phase allows for the designer to take advantage of the unique properties of compressed hardwood. By understanding our capabilities in solid wood fabrication, designers can have more freedom with organic shapes, that could otherwise not be built from wood.

Many of our inspirations come from steel and plastic fabrication. Because we can bend wood much like steel can be bent, or plastics can be formed, we are able to make wooden projects that could not otherwise exist in solid hardwood. Pure Timber also works in 3D veneer and laminated formed plywood panels.

Call Chris Mroz at 253-988-2046 or chris.mroz@puretimber.com to discuss you project ideas and how we can help maximize what can be achieved wih our Extreme Wood Bending(TM) technique.

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