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Cold-Bend™ Hardwood

Cold-Bend™ hardwood, is Pure Timber's proprietary engineered hardwood product. We use it in our custom fabrications and part orders, and you can purchase the raw material here for your own extreme cold wood bending needs. Cold-Bend™ hardwood, can be bent cold, by hand, to extreme curvatures, allowing you to fabricate projects that may not have otherwise been possible in solid hardwood.

Species Notes:

Cold-Bend™ hardwood, (compressed hardwood) is most commonly compressed in these well known North American hardwoods: Ash, Elm, Red Oak, White Oak, Walnut, Cherry and Maple. It is also sometimes available in 16 more temperate hardwood species for a total of 21 species that we compress. These other species include Beech, Elm, Hickory, Pecan, Black Locust, Honey Locust, Sassafras, Sycamore, Kentucky Coffee Tree, Hackberry, Red Gum, Live Oak, Osage Orange, Mullberry, Persimmon and more.

Wood compression does not work on imported lumber, kiln dried lumber, or any of the softwoods (coniferous species). Tests with Ipe and Purple Heart have failed (quite spectacularly) - placing them in the list of "not bendable", along with all softwoods and exotic hardwoods tested so far.

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