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Custom Compressed Hardwood Orders

On maintenance shutdown through 9/16. No products available to ship during this time. Please email christo@puretimber.com to get in the queue for late Sept delivery

We offer ready-to-ship samples and small packages that usually ship out within one week. If you don't see what you need at that order page, you are welcome to place custom orders for compressed hardwoods on our custom order page. Please allow one month for custom orders. It is necessary to schedule the custom orders in with our other production compression work, and while this can sometimes be done quickly, it is often a few weeks before the species you'll request comes up in our production schedule.

If you have a wood shop, you will be able to dimension the planks we sell. If you need custom sizes, we can re-saw and belt sand from our planks to your specs. Our shop rate is $75/hr for these services.

Plank sizes sold are usually 1 1/8" thick or 1 5/8" thick, x 6" wide, x 8' long. Other sizes can be sawn from these planks. If your need is for short planks, these will usually be available at our ready-to-ship page.

For quotes, please contact chris.mroz@puretimber.com (1-253-988-2046). Please see our custom order page for more information.

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