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Curved Products

Curved Beams, Columns, Handrail, Flooring, Countertops, Architectural Panels, Trellis, Canopies

Pure Timber is 1. a bent wood parts manufacturer, 2. a builder of large curved architectural fabrications, 3. a manufacturer and supplier of Cold-Bend hardwood for curved handrails and other millwork or art projects. In this section we are illustrating our versatility in product manufacture. The major areas for our fabrication side of our business is in structural columns and curved beams (Fluted Columns and Fluted Beams), Curved Counter Tops (curved butcher blocks), curved handrail, curved flooring, curved stress or stressed skin panels, curved mass timber, curved dowel laminated mass timber, radius track organic shapes in wood panels, studio furniture, 3D wood veneering, and sculptural works. Please browse through our sub-categories and galleries for more information on each of these product areas.

fluted-beams-175-wide.jpg  curved-walnut-1-web-175-wide.jpg kitchen-island-175.jpg   maple-panel-3x175.jpg
 Beams and Columns  Curved Flooring  Curved Countertops and Bars  Architectural Panels


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 Trellis  Curved Handrail      




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