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Curved Handrail

Bend your handrail further and with fewer laminations with Pure Timber than with any other manufacturer of stair rail. Pure Timber manufactures hardwood handrail custom bent to your radius, or flexible for bending on site. Bend in one solid layer to a radius as tight as 7.5 inches for 1.5" round stock, or as tight as a 9" radius for 1.75" stock. Tighter radii can be bent with two or three layers, molded first, then bent and dried before gluing up the simple part.

Available stock in red oak, white oak, ash, elm and maple. Other domestic hardwood species may be available. We have an automatic dowel maker to cut 1.5" and 1.75" round profile, and lengths of 8'. We can also mold your profile on our arch molder, or you can do it from our compressed hardwoods. Other domestic hardwood species may be available.

Pricing for custom curved handrail ranges from $200 to $800 per linear foot, and raw material for extreme bending from $60/ln ft. We do need to know the radius of your bent parts to engineer the correct amount of compression into your bending wood. Call or email for a custom quote christo@puretimber.com 253-988-2046.



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