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Pure Timber manufactures bentwood parts for the music instrument industry under the brand name PURE TIMBRE™ . We have been the solid wood benders for Drum Workshop since about 2008. One of the reasons for this is that we bend wood further than anyone in the world, and this allows us to make instruments that could not otherwise be made in wood. For example - we build snare drum shells one inch thick from a single piece of hard maple. Wood shells are usually restricted to about 1/4" thick by steam bending, and to go thicker, requires many layers of veneers = many layers of glue - which doesn't sound as good as solid. When we began building these instruments, it was quickly apparent that this was the holy grail of snare drum builders - a thick solid shell, from one piece of wood.

Applying what we learned in snare drum manufacture, Pure Timber also manufactures banjo rims, guitar sides, Ukulele sides, and we supply our engineered tonewoods for luthiers and other musical instrument builders to make their own line of thick, solid hardwood instruments.

The gallery below will give you some idea of our scope in bent wood musical instrument parts. Please contact us when thick solid bent hardwood can offer some acoustic or production advantage to your instruments. chris.mroz@puretimber .com .

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