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Just the FAQs...

In what dimensions can the wood bend? All three, x, y, z, face, edge, twist.

Where can I purchase this miracle wood? Only direct from Pure Timber LLC (and maybe from someone in Serbia, I think)

How did compressed wood come to be? The Danish Technical Institute developed it, a company in Copenhagen built a machine that licensed the technology, and we bought that machine in 2004.

What does it cost? (i) Kind of a lot actually because after all the intense engineering the wood goes through, we can only sell you about 40% of what we bought in the first place. (ii) About as much as Koa, but you can't bend Koa.

Can I make my wood club members jealous? Definitely, at least until you admit they can buy it too.

Who uses it? Artists, engineers, architects, wood turners, sculptors, jewelers, students, you, me.

Will I bend a piece the first time I try? If not, you would be the first.

Will it break? Yes, if you bend it too far. It is engineered to bend to a radius of about 4-5 times the thickness of the plank, which is ridiculous. After that, yes it'll break. But if you haven't broken a piece, you don't know how far you can go. So break some.

Where should I store my new and valuable compressed wood? It keeps its flexibility indefinitely if it doesn't dry. So keep it from drying. A plastic bag works well. You'll get one with the wood.

I want to bend in the X, Y, and Z direction. Is that cool? Oh yes! Very cool. Now you're talking.




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