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PURE TIMBRE Guitar sides for bending

Guitar sides are usually extremely thin to allow stiff veneer to bend. Those thin sides have to be supported and reinforced so that it doesn't collapse in the instrument. Cold-Bend Hardwood sides can be bent very thick, even in cut-a-ways. It is possible to do away with the side reinforcing. The kerfing too can be eliminated, since the joint size between sides and top/bottom is quite large. Bending Cold-Bend Hardwood is not time dependent, and can be done on very simple plywood forms. Dry the sides to fix the shape. Shown bent in walnut. Sold un-bent. Available in Ash, Grey Elm, Red Elm, Red Oak, White Oak (check for cherry or walnut). Size is 4.5" x 34" x .250" (please contact for custom sizes). Want 2? Order quantity 2 for free shipping and we will reverse your shipping charges.

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