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Sample Pack g: Touch-Wood 10 (10 pounds, 10 people)

If you just need to touch some of our wood, and want to try something longer, the Touch-Wood 10 is the pack for you. Contains ~10 lbs of compressed hardwood in mixed species, about 48" to 96" long that you can bend in your bare hands. No clamps, or re-sawing required. It is in thicknesses of 1/4" to 1" and widths of 1/2" to 2". You can bend this in your bare hands, but for the thicker parts, it helps to have a bench vice available to hold one end while you use the rest of the plank for leverage. Then let it dry to fix the shape you created. Included in the pack are some Zip ties to allow you to tie up your bent part and maintain its shape for what is usually overnight drying (a couple days longer for the thickest parts). Remove the Zip tie the next day and the part will stay in its shape. These sample packs are often brought into meetings of designers and architects, or into demos and classrooms. In a demo, about 10 people can get their hands on this material. Order one Touch-Wood 10 pack for every 10 people to get a feel of bending compressed hardwoods. It'll be the most fun you can have in a wood shop, classroom, or boardroom demo. I promise.

12 LBS
$48.55 (Fixed shipping cost)
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